About Us

Working on technology that works in your industry

Expertise in applied problem-solving within industries where efficiencies go hand in hand with compliance, is a highly sought-after commodity.

Granger Bennett, Vanguard Technologies, focusing on productivity

Coupled with practical experience in the field as well as an understanding of both corporate and organisational imperatives, our team of specialists established a company dedicated to translating progressive thought into commercial benefit.

Vanguard Technologies was created specifically to meet the needs of industries looking to increase production output, efficiencies and achieve budgets while in primarily noise-constrained areas.  Clients rely on us to develop simple solutions, with robust technology to generate excellent results.  Our deep understanding of commercial, production and management challenges means that our research and development is always geared to solving real issues that affect real companies.

New technology development remains at the heart of what we do and our team is always available to discuss how our work can increase the effectiveness and efficiencies that drive yours.

To talk with us about how our work can assist you in achieving your production and commercial objectives, feel free to contact us directly.