Case Studies

Advanced modelling plus monitoring equals the most complete picture available Up until recently, the concept of ‘modelling’ when managing noise came with negative – or at best neutral – connotations. Technology that claimed to model noise data was merely a blunt-force implement that predicted static
Data accuracy you can count on, plan on, rely on “About”, “give or take” and “around” are some of the most frightening words for a production manager, scheduler, mine planner or head of operations to hear in relation to reported noise levels versus allowable levels.
Solutions = timing, weather, proximity + Nexus + experience Formulas can be “iffy” propositions if the variables are unknown or unattended because x factors have a way of interfering with otherwise sound suppositions, theories and extrapolations. All that is to say, that starting with the
Fast and Comprehensive Risk Assessment – Maximising Operational Windows It is widely known that comprehensive and accurate risk assessment before a project begins can mean the difference between days, weeks or even entire operations lost, not to mention the unexpected financial impacts. On the other
Residential noise complaints resolved quickly and efficiently Without consistency, governance, standards and checkpoints our industry loses the confidence of regulators, governing bodies and stakeholders alike. Knowing this, it is the rule rather than the exception to see operations err on the side of caution in