Downtime reduction achieved through Nexus

Residential noise complaints resolved quickly and efficiently

Without consistency, governance, standards and checkpoints our industry loses the confidence of regulators, governing bodies and stakeholders alike. Knowing this, it is the rule rather than the exception to see operations err on the side of caution in order to ensure that impact on communities is minimised and sustainable growth in terms of targets achieved is secured. However, it’s the unknown that can and does force operations into a stasis or, at the very least, suboptimal practices and scheduling. When faced with hard questions and/or complaints, “I don’t knows” can be perceived as “we don’t care” or worse, “we’re not listening.”

We hear there’s a problem that may affect operations

Hearing, really hearing, the concerns of the community in which companies operate is an absolute must. When our client was made aware of noise complaints from residents toward the perimeter of operations during night time hours, they moved quickly to investigate. They were met with three distinct questions around understanding the circumstances under which the complaints were made:

1.Were their operations compliant?
2.Were they audible?
3.What part of their operations had the largest impact?

Critically, these points, if found to be valid would point to the need to reconfigure schedules but moreover, until the data could confirm the assertions, a cessation of activities would have to take place. Hence suboptimal operating procedures and ultimately production targets would be jeopardised for as long as it took to fully assess the issues and formulate remedial actions.

Nexus is the next step in the process of returning to optimal operations

Understanding that the longer it takes to collect critical data that would ultimately point the way to workable solutions, the longer resources would be under-utilised drove the need to gather and analyse evidence (contextual, fact-based and anecdotal).

Nexus provided the platform to seamlessly gather, record and present facts in a format that would usually take weeks or even months to do. The integration of meteorological and operational data with measured and predicted data provided a very accurate picture as to what was occurring, when and most importantly, why.

Resuming full operations at minimal cost

Again, it is critical that operations work cohesively to achieve operational targets with as little disruption to the natural and built environment as possible, not to mention residents’ right to live in peace and quiet. That’s why it’s important to respond quickly to points of concern.

In this case, the evidence showed that noise from mining operations was generated at rates that were well within the acceptable regulatory range. However, Vanguard Technologies’ Nexus would also conclusively demonstrate that noise from another industry on a number of occasions resulted in increased noise levels and complaints from residents. This result restored confidence that their mining operations were not in breech and that the company could return to the optimised scheduling of activities.

In essence, the technology was able to minimise downtime, provide surety and allow operations to proceed with confidence.

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