A real-time noise management solution has arrived

Current noise management systems are heavily dependent on noise monitoring.  This simple fact constrains and limits aggressive planning and operational execution because all data used to manage operational noise is retrospective.

The resulting forced conservatism costs time, money and opportunities – something industry simply can’t afford.  At Vanguard Technologies, we have developed a solution you can.

By developing and executing plans, all in real time, enterprises are no longer hampered by the restrictive constructs of current passive monitoring models.

Nexus, the integrated solution

Real time data benefits real time operations

Nexus best serves those whose best interests lay in the accurate and timely assessment, mitigation and management of noise and its environmental impacts.  This enables clients to benefit from:

  • Fact-based planning using forecast and predictive data
  • Compliance tools that clear the path for risk-mitigated operations
  • ROI based on enhanced ability to forecast accurately and adaptively manage effectively
  • Ease of use allowing for informed decision making at a glance

Nexus is the timely solution to the complex challenge of real time noise management, proactively ensuring compliance instead of merely managing potential breaches and their consequences retrospectively.  In short, we deliver tailored technological systems that:

  • addresses specific and variable circumstances
  • takes into account all aspects of the environment in which you operate
  • removes barriers to optimal efficiency, performance and the achievement of commercial goals
  • Integrates seamlessly into your established operational protocols

This means that site-based managers and operators can expect improved performance, in the field and on the balance sheet.

Mapping activities and their impacts

Using actual mine sites, we can show real activities using real data.  In and around the highly dynamic environment of mining operations, you can see and evaluate the varying impacts of different activities.  This includes noise from:

  • Naturally occurring environmental activity
  • Transport and haulage operations
  • Blasting operations

This provides a complete picture of the noise impacts within a defined area but more importantly, allows you to observe the effects of adding or rescheduling activities.

For the full picture of how we can help your operations contact us for a demonstration of capabilities.

Nexus offers common sense solutions to complex, variable and sometimes difficult challenges designed by recognised industry specialists

Designed for ease of use, tailored to your specific needs

Looking forward to planning with confidence

Real time visibility, accuracy, simplicity and the breadth of scope are the cornerstones of game-changing planning tools.  Only by featuring these important components can activities be planned and executed with confidence.

We have developed a solution that enables the planning and execution of high-grade extraction operations based on 10 years of weather data, updated every 5 minutes.

It’s simple to use and outputs data without delay, effectively eliminating the need to base current schedules, plans and operations on what happened weeks or months ago.  Tolerances and exceedances are indicated via the universally known traffic light system so that operators can assess the effectiveness of plans vs regulations at a single glance.

You can easily schedule and monitor activities and locations more effectively using Nexus where simplicity translates to immediacy and efficiency.  Importantly, amending, optimising or reassessing planned activities based on real time data can be achieved by amending inputs on screen – simple.

To learn more about how Nexus can help you confidently plan for operational overachievement, contact us for a talk about your specific needs a demonstration of capabilities.